Lili Brouwer

en,lili brouwerLili Brouwer (Abvakabo FNV, The Netherlands)

Lili Brouwer is a lesbian, union activist and mother. She studied community work, personnel & labor. She was a district district coordinator for the FNV youth movement KWJ untill 1990.  She was female secretary for FNV catering (1993) en project manager for urban renewal and housing (2004) and mediation in neighborhoods. She also worked in de cultural sector and arts sector. Since 1987 she is executive for ABVAKABO FNV (the largest union for workers in the public sector). She is the president of FNV Vrouw (The women's group of the FNV) since 2013.

Lili represents the elimination of gay discrimination in a active, clear and effective way in the world of work. In the early nineties she performed research on collective agreements and proved that some agreements were only in the interests of heterosexuals and also discriminating against gay people.

Lili Brouwer participates in panel 5