Claus Brandt

Ver.di LGBT group

The Ver.di LGBT group organises education seminars and agitates inside and outside of the union with the aim of influencing the union’s leadership. It publishes information in printed form and on its web site. It has taken part in LGBT street festivals and Gay Pride parades and has raised awareness about LGBT issues in the media and in the union in order to counter stereotyped thinking on LGBTissues. It has campaigned for the implementation of regulations against discrimination in the workplace and has suggested model company agreements against workplace discrimination.

en,claus brandtClaus Brandt (Ver.di, Vereinte Dienstleistingsgewerkschaft, Germany)

Higher Education
1976 law degree (right to became a judge) of the University of Hamburg
1976 authorization as a lawyer (focus on working and social law)

Professional Career
1986 Adviser of the local Parliament of Lower Saxony
1990 Employee of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Germany, Bonn)
e.g. Responsibility for UNESCO (two times German delegate of the UNESO General Conference), OCED ad hoc group of human resources, ILO, EU (member of the Education Committee and Steering Group of human resources)
2000      Moving to the Berlin brunch of the Ministry (currently responsibility for Higher Education / Academic Career)

·        ver.di (Germans biggest trade union, approximately 2.1 million members)
·        Gay Lawyers Association
·        Gay Professionals Germany

·        Cconfidence man of ver.di in the Federal Ministry of Science and Research
·        Chairman of the working Group of LGBT of the DGB (Unions Association)
·        Participation of the ILGA-Europe Conferences  as a member of the German Unions
·        Chairman of  the Working Group for Political Affairs of the Gay Professionals
·        Member of the German association to enhance antidiscrimination, diversity and conclusion. Member of the working group to improve the General Equal Treatment Act

Claus Brandt participates in panel 5