Listen to the speech of Rudy De Leeuw

Rudy De Leeuw, the president of the socialist union ABVV-FGTB gave a speech during the Human Rights Conference at the World Outgames on the 2th of august 2013.  This speech is historical. It gives perspectives on the struggle of LGBT people in the unions.It supports the efforts of trade unionists from all over the world to put the problems of LGBT on the agenda of every trade union. The speech was introduced by the co-chairman of the conference,  Jean-Yves Duthel. He expressed his thanks to union leader Pascal De Bel, who worked hard to make the conference a succes.

Listen to the speech. Click on the first, second or third part of the speech.

speech RDL_image_0001.jpgspeech RDL_image_0002.jpgspeech RDL_image_0003.jpg






Read the speech in English.

Lees de toespraak in het Nederlands.



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