Pascal De Bel

Pascal De Bel_G0030.jpgPascal De Bel (Belgium, ABVV - FGTB)

Pascal De Bel is the regional secretary of BBTK (the union of employees, technicians and executives of the socialist union ABVV) since 1993. Before he was  a union secretary in the financial sector. In the eighties he coordinated the training department of trade union youth.  He also took initiatives on equality between men and women in the world of work.

Since 1993 he has committed to the rights of LGBT people in the union. He saw the need for international cooperation on this theme and he was the Belgian initiator to organise the first conference during the 1998 Gay Games in Amsterdam.

Pascal De Bel  Pascal De Bel is the coordinator and moderator of Panel 5 ('The labour Unions and LGBT’S Rights' ) at the WOGA conference in Antwerp on Thursday, August 1.

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